Khadi dress for women MES DEMOISELLES OURIA


by Mes Demoiselles

€335,00 €478,00


  • 100% cotton
  • Handmade fabric
  • Sleeves with elastic
  • Embroidered fantasy
  • Made in India


Mes Demoiselles start its history in the fashion world in 2006 when Anita Radovanovic, creator of the brand, launches on the catwalks of Paris her first collection, obtaining an immediate success and confirmed over the years.

The collections are designed and produced entirely in Paris, in the laboratory next to the store of the same name. The style is inspired by the 70s and the bohemian spirit of that period, the preferred materials and most used are noble fibers such as cotton, silk and wool.

Each piece is a jewel that requires a delicate and refined working, it’s comfortable to wear and worked in a traditional way to give it an aged look and timeless elegance.